Submit Now to Our Winter 2018 Issue: Fragility


Submissions are open now through October 12 for our Winter 2018 issue. We have chosen fragility as this issue’s theme to help shed light on the precarious place we are in: the one we sense in the smoke, in the diminishing snowpack, and in places loved transformed into places lost. Although “resilient” is a quality commonly attributed to nature, and one that Camas has celebrated over the years, more and more it seems that “finite,” “fragile,” and “vulnerable” may be more appropriate and timely terms. In the next issue of Camas, we choose to acknowledge, explore, and celebrate fragility. Great beauty, we believe, exists in what can be broken, both in the environment and in ourselves.


So send us your best fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art on fragility, whatever shape it may take in your writing or visual work. As always, surprise us, stun us, and aim to make us think. We are excited to hear what you have to say.