Submissions for the Summer 2019 are now open through March 17.

This spring, we offer the theme of cadence. Cadence is often defined as rhythm, as metrical beat or resolution of melody. Yet, cadence is also the space between wing beats and the measure of steps as we wind a path into the hills. It is found in both spoken word and birdsong. It is the rate of factory output, the rushing of river water and pace at which we schedule our lives. 

The world we inhabit moves at a faster speed than ever before. Time moves differently in our post-industrialized western lives than it did, centuries or even decades earlier. Or, does it? For this theme of Camas, we’re interested in rhythm, in pace, in contrast. We’d like to dig into the space created by movement: the relationship between motion and stillness, and what that space amounts to. Cadence. 

So please, send us your best fiction, nonfiction, poetry and art relating to the question of cadence. We’re excited to hear your interpretation, and looking forward to reading. 

As usual, all submission will be accepted through Submittable. Please click the button below to be taken to our Submittable platform.