Camas is a testimonial to the raw, on-the-ground power that continues to rise out of Montana. Not only is there the fine tradition of western writing rooted in this part of the country, but it is growing, stretching, taking more risks, and bearing a greater diversity of voices. I find the words of these students and other writers deeply inspiring. They carry our imagination forward in both idealism and longing, what all readers yearn to find.
— Terry Tempest Williams

Camas welcomes contributions and submissions of nonfiction, fiction, poetry, art and photography. Over nearly a quarter century of publication, we have been honored to feature the work of emerging writers alongside pieces by established authors such as Bryce Andrews, Rick Bass, Wendell Berry, Judy Blunt, Brian Doyle, William duBuys, David James Duncan, Derrick Jensen, William Kittredge, Bill McKibben, Ellen Meloy, Robert Michael Pyle, Janisse Ray, Sharman Apt Russell, Eva Saulitis, Annick Smith, Kim Stafford and Kim Todd.

We receive support from the Associated Students of the University of Montana, the Environmental Studies Program at the University of Montana, and many generous individuals and businesses. Camas rests on the foundation created by each of you who have purchased or subscribed to our magazine. Don't hesitate to contact us; we are eager to hear from you!

Upcoming Issues

Camas is published bi-annually in Winter and Summer installments. Each issue emerges from a distinct theme which is meant to be a starting point for conversation and inspiration, not an impediment. We review all submissions, so please send us your thoughtful, evocative, and inspired work, even if we'll have to get creative to link it to the issue's theme.

Senior Editors


Peter Gurche was born, raised, and educated in eastern Washington. Fed up with staring at a computer screen after college, he headed north to Alaska to work as a commercial salmon fisherman for four summers, and as a carpenter and mechanic during the off-seasons. Having gotten a good fix of practical learning, he is now back in school pursuing a master's in Environmental Studies with an emphasis on writing. He enjoys skiing, baking, and music-making.


Matt Hart is a writing student in the Environmental Studies graduate program at the University of Montana. He has roots in New England and Upstate New York and has spent much of his twenties in the West, including many summers as an outdoor educator and backpacking guide at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. He enjoys skiing, running, and following the Boston Red Sox.



Genre Editors

Nonfiction Editor Jessica Eller is originally from Homer, Alaska. She is currently a graduate student in the Environmental Studies program at the University of Montana, where she also teaches writing. Before moving to Montana, Jessica worked at salmon hatcheries around Alaska, most recently living and working remotely in Southeast Alaska on Baranof Island.



Poetry Editor Mason Parker is an M.A. candidate in Literature and Ecocriticism at the University of Montana. Born and raised in central Oklahoma, his studies focus on the ecological aesthetics of the avant-garde. His hobbies include backpacking, bluegrass, and comic books.




Fiction Editor Anna Wilson relocated from the West Coast to the East Coast to the Third Coast to the Gulf Coast, and, most recently, from the "boot" to the "crown." She completed an M.F.A. at Louisiana State University and currently pursues an M.A. in Literature and Ecocritcism at the University of Montana, with particular interest in the West, the Western, and nomad studies and poetics. She teaches writing and makes "textually active" visual art, from small books and videos to large installations featuring handmade paper.


Editorial Boards

Fiction: Elissa Chott, Terri Nichols, Melissa Peterson

Nonfiction: Sydney Cook, Tom Sentner, Claire Voris

Poetry: Aspen Anderson, Catie DeMets, Emma Pfeiffer