Summer 2018: Rivers

Nonfiction by Richard Manning, Kevin Maier, Jenny O'Connell, Missy Peterson, Jan Clausen, and Patrick D. Watson

Fiction by Marvin Shackleford

Poetry by Virginia Barrett, Kristin Fogdall, Diane Raptosh, Miguel Garcia, Phillip Brown, and Heather Cahoon

Interview by Marko Capoferri

Art and Photography by Michael Anthony, Hank Dart, Suzanne Burns, Kyle Bradford, Addyson Santese, Brent Barnes, Mark Hieronymus, Elias Hannon, Aubrey Pongluelert, Tricia Louvar, Amy Ronk, Daniella Sforza, Daqi Chen, Elisabeth Fondell, and Heidi Daulton

Camas (Winter 2017) Cover Page.jpg

Winter 2017: 


25th Anniversary Issue

Nonfiction by Anna Zumbahlen, Robert Michael Pyle, Tom Sentner, and Debra Marquart

Fiction by Anthony Dominic

Poetry by Robert Michael Pyle, Ben Swimm, D.A. Lockhart, and Leath Tonino

Interview by Clare Menahan

Art and photography by Tony Salvagio, Ke'Vin Bowers, Ben Johnson, Christopher Woods, Matthew Morpheus, Sally Henkel, Michael Anthony, Guido, Matt Witt, Katie Biando, Clay Smith, and Heidi Daulton

Camas S17 Cover.jpg

Summer 2017: Power


Nonfiction by Chris Dombrowski, Sarah Capdeville, Emily Withnall, Michael Lehman, and Leath Tonino

Fiction by Gordon Brown

Poetry by Charles Hayes, Shriram Sivaramakrishnan, Heather McElwain, Lauren Camp, Leah Angstman, and Robert Rich

Art and photography by Rachel Cramer, Nicholas Littman, Sophia Vernholm, Ser Anderson, Katie Craney, Garrett Cotham, Jeffrey Gangwisch, John Chavers, Chad Hanson, Lydia Steenhoek, Robert Nowak, Erin Castaldi, and Brian Michael Barbeito

Camas W16-17 Cover.jpg

Winter 2016: Country

Nonfiction by Seth Kantner, Terri Nichols, Gibson Collins, and Brian Doyle

Fiction by Mary Pauline Lowrey, Sarah Rau Peterson, and Kevin Scott Chess

Poetry by Jeffery Alfier, Mackenzie Cole, Sam Olson, Abby Chew, Tom Veersteg, Noelle Sullivan, and P.V. Beck

Art and photography by Kate Lund, Charles Gurche, Brandon McMahon, Seth Kantner, Brendan Morrison, Dov Weinman, Leah Oates, Brenna Rietmann, Carl Bowlby, Brennan Johnson, Rachel Cramer, Katie Martin, and Dallas Crow

Summer 2016 Cover.jpg

Summer 2016: Revolutions

Nonfiction by Sharman Apt Russell, Peter Gurche, Joe Harrity, and Nick Triolo

Poetry by Phillip Aijan, Amy Miller, and Taylor Hopkins

Photo Narrative by Ser Anderson and Tom Murphy

Book Review by Matt Hart

Coda by Teresa Vanairsdale


Winter 2015: Movement

Nonfiction by Nina Finley, AZ Andis, and Eva Saulitis

Fiction by David James Duncan and Ben Horan

Poetry by Diana Roffman, Ellie Rogers, Elizabeth O'Brien, and Jay Chervil

A book review by Megan McInerney


Summer 2015

Nonfiction by Bryce Andrews, Kaity Teer, William deBuys, and Dionisia Morales

Fiction by Daniel Winthrop and Gregg Kleiner

Poetry by Sarah Aronson, Allison Linville, Brendan Jordan, Amy Miller, Bette Husted, and Chris Dombrowski

A book review by Trevien Stanger

Art and photography by Amy Guidry, Trevien Stanger, A. Andis, Lena Olsen, Jason Clark, Kate Lund, Dov Weinman, Nina Montenegro, Jason Clark, Bisco Smith, James Louks, Ellie Duncan, Richard Ernst, Ben Adkison, Caitlin Piserchia, Kiel Rucker, Sophia Vernholm, Bala Laks, and Mara Menahan

Winter 2014

Nonfiction by Melissa Mylchreest, Anna Brady, and Julia Ohman

Fiction by J.P. Kemmick, Misty Ellinburg, and N.T. McQueen

Poetry by Sophie O'Brien, Amy Ratto Parks, Maxwell Shanley, Elissa Rodman, M.P. Jones IV, Jason Hess, and Felicia Zamora

A book review by Jess L. Bryant 

Art and photography by Marla Allison, Claire Taylor, Sarah Justice, Nicholas Littman, Mike Hanich, Ben Adkison, Amy Petit, Kate Lund, Alex Wardwell, AJ Ruffin, Jessica Lanham, Anna Brady, Katherine Minott, and Sydney MacDonald

Summer2014_cover page2.jpg

Summer 2014: Fourish

Featuring "One Meal" by Janisse Ray

Nonfiction by Anne Grant

Fiction by Stefanie Freele

Poetry by Russell Brickey, Lauren de Paepe, Gary W. Hawk, Mercedes Lawry, Leslie Philibert, Jeremy Reed, and Bill Yake

A book review by J.P. Kemmick

Art and photography by David Miles Lusk, Reina Fernandez, Rachel Mockler, Emily Withnall, Ben Adkison, Armando Crespo, Chuck Jarasek, Kathleen Gunton, Mara Menahan, Mark Menahan, Katherine Minott, Peter Zalewski, Cassie Nelson, and Julie Hashimoto-McCreery


Winter 2013: Progress

Featuring "There Will Be Oil" by Edwin Dobb

Nonfiction by Brendan Buzzard and Nick Triolo

Fiction by Shane Jimenez

Poetry by Gabriel Falconhead, Kristin Berger, Gail Entrekin, Laurisa White Reyes, Beth McDermott, and Michelle Bonczek Evory

Art and photography by Laura Story Johnson, Cassie Nelson, Ben Johnson, Brendan Buzzard, Nicholas Triolo, Jenner Harsha, Kevin Dupzyk, Bethann G. Merkle, Melissa Wardlow, Brad Benke, Stephanie Parker, and Trevien Stanger


Summer 2013: Access

Featuring "Waiting" by Rick Bass

Nonfiction by Jenner Harsha, Mark Rozema, and Denise Fisher

Fiction by Carl Corder

Poetry by Emily Strauss, Matthew Burns, Mercedes Lawry, Clark Chatlain, Jolie Kaytes, and Kira Knoles

Art and photography by Cassie Nelson, Trenton Harper, Bethann G. Merkle, Mike Canetta, Antoine Vernon, Joseph Milbrath, and Lauren Grabelle

Winter 2012: Work

Featuring "Come or Bleed" by Richard Manning

Nonfiction by Julia Corbett, Jenner Harsha, Nicholas Littman, and Stephen Thomas

Fiction by Laura Farmer

Poetry by Richard Vargas, M.R. Smith, Barbara Smith, Sean Prentiss, Jason Hess, Josh Slotnick, Lucas Brown, and Jeffrey Alfier

Art and photography by Sam Berry, Kascie Herron, Doug Davis, Steven Gnam, Joseph Milbrath, Laura Ginsburg, Adrianna Ely, Grace Ryan, Alia Mulder, and Cassie Nelson

Summer 2012: Restoration

Featuring "Yellowstoning the Treeburbs" by David Oates

Nonfiction by Sara Call, David Jachowski, and Erica Watson

Poetry by Roberta Feins, Ahimsa Bodhran, Sheryl Noethe, Mike McCormick, Laurel Nakanishi, Robin Keisic, David Salner, and Wendi Schupbach

Art and photography by Katie Nelson, Eleanor Bennett, Jayme Feary, Doug Davis, Britta Baker, Kathleen Gunton, Allison De Jong, David Jachowski, Sam Berry, Kip Sikora, and Greg Russell

Winter 2011: Boundaries

Nonfiction by Kim Todd, William Carleton, Hudson Spivey, and Carrie Laben

Fiction by Erica Olsen

Poetry by Jess Berry, John Calavitta, Jennifer White, David Tagnani, Jolene Brink, Richard Donnelly, and Jessica Babcock

Art and photography by Gej Jones, Cassie Holmgren, Colby Brown, Doug Davis, Sara Call, Jessica Babcock, Kip Sikora, Ryan T. Bell, and Jeremy Roberts

Summer 2011: Water

Featuring "Life on a River" by Rick Bass

Fiction & nonfiction by Emerald LaFortune, Sarah Weatherby, Micah Sewell, Tom Larsen, and Kim Heacox

Poetry by Alice Bolin, Maya Zeller, Mackenzie Cole, Steven Aguilar, Nicola Fucigna, Jim Skogen, and Noel Tague

Art and photography by Elizabeth Ruff, Aniela Drozdowska, Matt Rogers, Katie Nelson, Doug Davis, Jacqui Lown, Christopher Woods, Hunter D'Antuono, Micah Sewell, Skyler Suhrer, Saren Call, Joe Sambatoro, Derek Kanwischer, Britta Baker, Erin Griffin, Elizabeth Sharon, Kathleen Gunton, and Ben Johnson


Winter 2010: Diversity

Featuring "The River, On the Rising Tide" by Kathleen Dean Moore

Fiction & nonfiction by Dr. Gerri Brightwell, Lauren Koshere, Richard Kempa, and Pat Musick

Poetry by George Brooks, Rose Postma, Molly Damm, Brett Defries, Charlotte Beard, Maya Zeller, Sherry O'Keefe, and Robert Pyle

Art and photography by David Estrada, Doug Davis, Beth Gibson, Katherine Molter, Skyler Suhrer, Jayme Feary, Bailey Edelstein, and Doug Connelly


Summer 2010: Glacier Centennial

Featuring "Why We Go A-Wolverining" by Douglas H. Chadwick

Nonfiction by Christopher Finke, Erica Bloom, M. Jackson, Rebecca Solnit, Kathleen Yale, and Beth Raboin

Fiction by Brian Schlott

Poetry by Elaine Shea, Harrison Rutledge, Grace Brogan, and Maya Zeller

Art and photography by Grace Brogan, Tony Bynum, Bob Friend, Beth Gibson, M. Jackson, Sara Mintz, Elizabeth Ruff, Sarah Weatherby, and Liz Williams


Winter 2009

Featuring "Dirty Old Town" by Edwin Dobb

Nonfiction by Tim G. Gibbons, Laura Pritchett, Alex Johnson, and Talasi Brooks

Fiction by Chris Linforth, Jeff Wood, and Steve Hammer

Poetry by Z. Cody Lee, Maya Jewell Zeller, Karen lennon, and Juned Subhan

Art and photography by Kathryn Bryan, Grace Brogan, Peter Schwartz, Greta Rybus, Beth Gibson, Bethany Schilling, Lori Dagley, Marie Garrison, Mike Lommler, Annie Kuster, and Emily Bulger


Summer 2009

Featuring "A Finger of Owls" by Julia Corbett and "Dogs and Dogs" by Phil Condon

Nonfiction by Margo Whitmire, Bethany Taylor, Michelle Lanzoni, and Darren M. Edwards

Fiction by Lily Bruzas

Poetry by Frank T. Byrne, Caleb Barber, Laura Dunn, Pepper Trail, Magda Sokolowski, Noelle Sullivan, Nathaniel Mohatt, and Lucas Farrell

Art and photography by Bethany Schilling, Kristen Theiler, Greta Rybus, Jenae Zaharko, Jessica Crowley, Marie Garrison, Tannery Gray, Ry Chartier, Hobie Hare, Mike Lommler, and Claire Engelson


Winter 2008

Featuring "Snowpack" by Elizabeth Grossman

Nonfiction by Greg Peters, Michael Lukas, Russ Van Paepeghem, and Kalie Rider

Fiction by Scott Alexander Jones

Poetry by William Keener, Chris Clarke, Allen Braden, Brenna Moloney, and Katherine Standefer

Summer 2008

Featuring "Sand" by Craig Childs

Nonfiction by Nathaniel Miller, Chavawn Kelley, Bryce Andrews, and Mike Quist Kautz

Fiction by Brant Cebulla and Katherine E. Standefer

Poetry by Jessica Babcock, Jeanine Stevens, Aleria Jensen, Matthew Kaler, Clark Chatlain, C.A. Dahl, Scott Jones, and Melissa Mylchreest


Winter 2007

Featuring "On Natural Beauty" by Alison Hawthorne Deming

Nonfiction by Craig Rigdon, Merrilyne Lundahl, and Matt Larson

Fiction by Jacoba Charles and Chad Dundas

Poetry by M. Frost, Alison Hawthorne Deming, Victor Charlo, Gary Hawk, Richard Kempa, Jessica Babcock, Jennifer Johnson, Melissa Mylchreest, David Morris, Cleo Woelfle-Erskine, Paul Willis, and Abby Chew

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Summer 2007

Featuring "Outbound" by Gary Ferguson

Nonfiction by Frederick H. Swanson, Rob Rich, Kalie Rider, Dave Loos, Michael Fiebig, Matt Frank, and Michael Schweizer

Poetry by Dana Sonnenschein, Erika Frederickson, Richard Kempa, Heather Cahoon, Samantha Epstein, Carol Barrett, and Gary Hawk


Winter 2006

Featuring an interview with Anna Lappe by Peter Metcalf

Nonfiction by Genevieve Jessop Marsh, Sharman Apt Russell, and Greg Gordon

Poetry by Jerry Mathes III, Heather Cahoon, Josh Slotnick, Jessica Babcock, and Jill Beauchesne


Spring 2006: Connections

Featuring "Moa Hunting" by Kim Todd

Nonfiction by Teresa Ponikvar, Heather McKee, Matthew S. Frank, and James McLaughlin

Fiction by Genevieve Jessop Marsh

Poetry by Jeremy Pataky and Jeff Ross


Fall 2005: New Perspectives

Featuring "Hard Miles in the Dark" by Janisse Ray

Nonfiction by Hank Green, Cedar Brant, Catherine Meeks, and Jeff Gailus

Book Review of Michael Ableman's Fields of Plenty by Ariel Bleth

Poetry by Kim Stafford, Becca Hall, John Noland, Kathy Conde, and Craig Rigdon


Spring 2005

Featuring an interview with Robert Michael Pyle by Monica Wright

Nonfiction by Tracy Oulman, Becca Rose Hall, Jordan Fisher Smith, Robin Patton, Andrea M. Jones, Brooke Hewes, and Jesslyn Shields

Poetry by Robert Michael Pyle and Tom McCarthy


Fall 2004

Featuring "Romeo Shows Jamey the Door" by David James Duncan, "Most of All, the Quiet" by Susan Marsh, and "In the Neighborhood of Wolves" by Robin Patten

A photo essay by Chris and James Chapman

Poetry by Wendell Berry, Kathleen Yale, Peter Nash, and Laura A. Muson

Spring 2004: Spirit

Featuring "Walking On Water" by Derrick Jensen, "Whirlwind in the Desert" by Sacha Pealer, "Piercing the Crow's Eye" by Katie Yale, and "Working Slaughter" by P.J. DelHomme

Nonfiction by Annick Smith, Sarah Richey, and Becca Deysach

An interview with Bill McKibben by Allison Holt

An interview with OJack Turner by Adam French

Poetry by Roger Dunsmore, Laulette Hansen, and Brianna Randall


Fall 2003: The Teller Issue

Featuring "Dust of Snow" by John Elder, "Beautiful River, Arms of God" by Susan Tomlinson, and "Low Murmur, Low Song" by Danielle Lattuga

Nonfiction by Wren Farris and Tami Brunk

An interview with Andrea Peacock by Margot Higgins

Poetry by Ryan Newhouse, Melissa Metthewson, Jeremy Watterson, and Jeff Kessler


Spring 2003: Restoration

Featuring "Snaring Ghosts" by Kathy Marieb and "Where Fire and Water Meet" by Katharine Hyzy

Nonfiction by Ryan Newhouse, Travis Burdick, Daniel Berger, and Danielle Gardner

An interview with Bud Moore by Maureen Hartmann

Poetry by Kim Stafford, Rob Schlegel, Amy Ratto, and Tom Crawford


Fall 2002

Featuring "Lingua Rediviva" by Robert Michael Pyle, "Reflections in the Eyes of Others" by Teresa Ponikvar, and "Mhondoro" by Bruce Byers

Nonfiction by Gary Hughes, Carrie Naughton, and Becca Deysach

An interview with Rick Bass by Kathy Marieb

Poetry by Claire Hibbs, Mandy Smoker Broaddus, Muriel Zeller, Danielle Lattuga, and Drew McNaughton


Spring 2002: The Big Sky

Featuring "Our Good Fortune" by David James Duncan and "Chambers" by Clara Sophia Weygandt

Nonfiction by Archie McMillan, Than Hitt, Katherine Romano, John Bateman, and Danielle Lattuga

An interview with Jennifer Ferenstein by Richarda Ruffle

Poetry by Nathan McKee, Bethanie Walder, Muriel Zeller, Carrie Naughton, and Katie McKalip

Fall 2001

Featuring "Bitterroot" by Scott Russell Sanders, "Starlings, A Pig, and Four Deer" by James McLaughlin, and "Things Not Seen in a Rear View Mirror" by Debra Marquett

Nonfiction by Erin K. Sexton, Katherine Romano, and Shelly Truman

An interview with Jake Kreilick by Melissa Sladek

Poetry by Dave Tirrell, Danielle Lattuga, Clara Sophia Weygandt, and Jan Scher


Winter/Spring 2001: Recreation

Featuring "Tongtian He" by Peter Stark, "Mogasm" by Ari LaVaux, and "A Little about My Chainsaw, A Horse Named Pride, and Three Hundred Miles on a Bike" by James Lainsbury

Nonfiction by Clara Sophia Weygandt, Rick Stern, Becca Lawrence, Elizabeth White, and Meagan Boltwood

Fiction by Nate Johnson

An interview with Graham Johnson by Kyle McClure

Poetry by Sue Samson, Nathan McKee, Muriel Zeller, and T.E. Barrett


Fall 2000: The Teller Issue

Featuring "Between the Lines" by Rick Bass, "The Point" by Steve Weathers, and "Life with Meadowlarks" by Cynthia Melcher

Nonfiction by Clara Sophia Weygandt, Heather Sarantis, Meagan Boltwood, and David Freiberg

An interview with Chad Howard by David Freiberg

Poetry by Nathan McKeen, Dave Tirrell, Clara Sophia Weygandt, and Sue Samson


Spring/Summer 2000: An Anniversary of Activism

Featuring "The Evolution of Revolution: A Brief History of Environmental Activism in the Northern Rockies" by Mary Anne Peine

Nonfiction by Jenny Flynn, Hank Fischer, Jake Kreilick, Len Broberg, Donald Snow, Rick Bass, Jeffrey Smith, and Pete Murney

A profile of Howie Wolke by Kyle McClure

Poetry by Beth Peluso and Janisse Ray


Winter/Spring 2000: Designated Places

Featuring "For Better or for Worse: Trail Proposal Seeks Public Blessing" by Leeann Drabenstott and "Negligent Endangerment" by Dan Brister

Nonfiction by James Lainsbury, Dan Berger, Colleen O'Brien, Erica Olsen, Marianne Wanek, Ellen Meloy, and Dave Morris

A profile of Jack Ward Thomas by Ethan Hasenstein

Poetry by Sue Samson, Mark Bennion, and Terry Ryan

Fall/Winter 1999: The Teller Issue

Featuring essays by William Kittredge, Clara Weygandt, and Michael Kustudia

Nonfiction by Dan Berger, Mary Anne Peine, and Ethan Hasenstein

A profile of Richard Manning by Anne Whitesides

Poetry by Allison Kreiss, Ken White, and Elise Schemm


Summer 1999: Exotics

Featuring "Battle for the Clearwater" by Ethan Hasenstein

Nonfiction by Colleen O'Brien, Pete Murney, Ann Whitesides, Caroline Deppe, and Kim Todd

Fiction by Hilary Wood

Northern Rocky News by Tiffany Trent, Terry Ryan, and Ron Scholl

Poetry by Alison Kreiss


Spring 1999: Mating and Birth

Featuring "Of Birds and Men" by Terry Ryan

Reflections by Dorothy Patent, Erin Ebersberger, Rachel Wray, and Tiffany Trent

Essays by Roger Poirier adn Brian Glaspell

A profile of Ken Sleight (a.k.a. "Seldom Seen Smith") by Ron Scholl

Northern Rocky News by Bob Giordano and Dave Strohmaier


Deep Winter 1999: Hunting and Gathering

Featuring "Grouse Hunting" by Malcom Brooks and "The Poison Wait" by Steven Rinella

Reflections by Ian Frazier, Dave Strohmaier, Ian McCluskey, and Tara Gunter

"Antlered Skulls" by Lynn Sainsbury

A profile of Kate Davis by Tiffany Trent

Northern Rocky News by Jay Nichols, Sarah Heim-Jonson, Emily Miller, and Rick Stern

Poetry by Tammy Slater


Summer/Fall 1998: Water

Featuring "An Insider's View" by Chris Arthur and "History, Economy, Landscape: A Look at Montana Ranching" by Sarah Heim-Jonson

Reflections by Elizabeth Heron, Ian McCluskey, and Ron Tschida

Essays by Erin Ebersberger and Steven Rinella

A profile of Joe McDowell by Rachel Wray

Northern Rocky News by Pete Murney and Shelley Truman

Poetry by Benjamin John Ahlgren


Spring 1998: Borders

Featuring "Howling Over Wolves" by Ron Scholl and "Debating Burns' Proposed Bill and Tribal Jurisdiction" by Pete Murney, Gordon and Cheryl Belcourt, and Alan Mikkelsen

Reflections by Chase Reynolds Ewald and Ian McCluskey

"Dissolving Boundaries: The Landscape of Cooperation" by Dan Kemmis

An interview with Janine Benyus by Jay Nichols

Northern Rocky News by Katie Litle, Ron Tschida, Peter Bring, and Kami Rogers

Poetry by C.L. Rawlins


Deep Winter 1998: Roads

Featuring "At the Edge of Headlights" by Ian McCluskey and "Wildland Roads: Interim Policy Elicits Questions" by Bethanie Walder, Hal Rowe, David Havlick, and Phil Knight

Refelctions by David James Duncan, Carol Ann Bassett, and Doug Johnson

An interview with Gloria Flora by Leann Drabenstott

Northern Rocky News by Ron Tschida, Debra Dickey, John Adams, and Rick Thompson

Book reviews of Rick Bass's The Sky, the Stars, the Wilderness and Tim Clark's Averting Extinction: Restructuring Endangered Species

Poetry by Janisse Ray


Winter 1997: The Teller Issue

Featuring "Neosho" by Dan Crockett and "Manu" by Christine Paige

Reflections by Judy Blunt, Ron Carlson, Caron Campbell, and Rachel Wray

Northern Rocky News by Meg Hahr, Sydney Cook, Billy Stern, and Katherine Deuel

A profile of Bud Moore by Meg Hahr

Book reviews of Heart and Blood: Living with Deer in America and The Next West: Public Lands, Community, and Economy in the American West


Fall 1996

Featuring "The Forest of Words" by Richard Nelson

Essays by Henri Bensussen, Duncan Adams, Doug Johnson, Caron Campbell, John Cooley, Paul W. Birkeland, Irma Ireland O'Brien, Robert E. Druchniak, Tommy Youngblood-Petersen, Guy Hand, James Taylor III, Cara Blessley, and Melissa Walker


Summer 1995

Featuring "Crowhart" by Rick Craig, "Venom" by Carla Abrams, "Flight of the Water Ouzel" by Colin Chrisholm, "River of Souls" by Joy Mae Gouker, and an untitled essay by Helen Wagenvoord

Poetry by Katie Deuel, Dave Thomas, Leslie Budewitz, Jack Fleming, John Holbrook, and Eric Rutar